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Hello Friend,

Around here...

We recently vacationed in Cape May, NJ. This beach town holds wonderful memories for me. It has beautiful B & B's, gardens, a small boardwalk, charming shops and great dining. This photo above was my view on the beach the second day there. I moved in front of the crowd for a nicer shot.

Here is the Cape May lighthouse. I used my phone for snapshots so you won't be too impressed with my photography.

We discovered that there is a WW II bunker on the point. I can't believe all the years I visited and never realized that...or didn't care perhaps. Chalk it up to youth, eh?

I didn't bring my art supplies and art journal, but I did write about each day in my travel journal. I talk about this neat, little journal here.

I am learning something new. I visited this shop on Etsy and I fell in love with her designs so I had to learn how to embroider. My stitching is far from perfect but I am really enjoying this. It is very relaxing and I spent hours working on it one night. By the way, her packing and instructions are absolutely gorgeous! I just loved opening my mail package!

One last thing - are you looking for some Summer-time fonts for your digital scrapbooks? Try these out!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Free Watercolor Digital Paper

Hello Friend,

So I came back from a lovely vacation and realized that I never shared this freebie with you. I used orange and pink watercolors to make the designs which are seamless with exception of the stripes. They have a great Summer or tropical vibe. There are stripes, splatters, lines, dots and geometric shapes.

Take a closer look:

DOWNLOAD - Please take a look at my terms for freebies in my footer. They are for personal use only.


The papers are 12" x 12", 300 dpi, and JPG format. 1 ZIP file.

All The Best,

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Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here is another freebie for you! Watercolor digital paper

Just In - Doodle Clipart

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - New Doodle Clipart - I designed these clips to work with the popular black and white digital papers as well as the "Inky" collection

Hello Friend,

As I was putting together some samples I realized that I need to have more clips to go with some of my papers. This is a set of doodle clips that work with all of my black and white papers, but also with my Inky papers. So here is a little sample for you.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Doodle Clipart

Ta da! I have fun making these samples. Here is what's included:

Maybe its the art journaler in me but I love the splatters and marks. You can a lot of fun with the hashtag mark too! So what about you? How do you like to add special touches to a page?

Thanks for stopping in. I am taking a wee blogging break to have some much needed R & R until mid-August.


Around Here

Hello Friend,

I can't believe it is August and the back-to-school season is almost upon us! I am a little late in getting this post out.

Around here:

Fourth Ave. Pen and Ink - Abstract digital paper and clipart set - Fun, fresh colors and designs

1. I am busy finishing up Summer papers for the shop. The latest set is called Citrus Abstracts and I used it to make the digital scrapbook page above. I included some clips in the set so that you can embellish your pictures.

2. I finally painted the big canvas. Well, that was way more challenging than I thought. It will end up in the stairway and I will definitely work smaller for a long time.

3. I purchased a Traveler's Notebook from Pink Paper Peppermints. I absolutely adore her work! I am having fun setting it up my own way. I ended up making my own cover from mixed media paper and adding in some of my own papers for layering and embellishment. I can't wait to journal with this during vacation.

PS. I found some awesome free printable for my journal at Shanna Noel. Thank you! I will share more on this project later.

4. I am enjoying the volunteer sunflowers that showed up in my garden. They provide some delightful color in an otherwise ugly-Mcgugly corner of my property and my neighbor's bees love them.

5. Did you know that creative geniuses fail well? Here are some other attributes of creatives! They may sound familiar to you.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


New: Clipart and Digital Paper

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Epic clipart and paper set - Fun and colorful

Hello Friend,

I have had a good time developing and making this new set of papers and clipart. As you can see, I like a casual, fun approach to keeping memories. This new set of papers uses fun, little, abstract designs. I used a color theme of black, white, pink, lime and blue.

Here are the papers:

Fourth Ave Pen & Ink - Record your epic memories

Here's a close-up of a few:

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

And it is always good to have a few clips to go with it.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here is a fun set of doodle clipart to accent your photo memories

You may be wondering why I named it Epic. Well I was thinking of:

Epic adventures
Epic laughter
Epic moments
Epic year
Epic friendship

I think you get the picture...no pun intended. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you have a great day.

Free Clipart - Summer Flowers

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here is a freebie for you!


I have a free goody for you! Here are some Summer flowers. Have fun making your own printables or embellishing your photos.

My scrapbooking is very simple compared to most people. I like to use the overlay tool in PicMonkey and keep layouts very simple. This is a back-to-school-photo. I used one of my papers from Summer Pattern Pack for the background.

Here's what's included:


These are contained in 3 ZIP files. Simply download and unzip. I ask that you follow my terms that are listed in my blog footer.


I am so thankful for your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my shop and visiting the blog. I really appreciate you and I hope you enjoy this!

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - FREE clipart - Summer Flowers - 18 elements and 4 bouquets

Save 25% on Digital Paper and Clipart

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Summer Sale - Save 25%

Hello! Stop in and save from July 21st to August 4th. There's lots of new products and more to come. I am working on goodies for Fall. VISIT THE SHOP.

Around Here

Hello Friend,

And welcome to 4th Ave. This is what's happening around here.

1. Major thunderstorms! Which made for pretty, wet, dripping flowers and pretty light.

There is something special about the light after it rains.

All drippy, wet.

2. Here's a peek at my daughter's art journal. I love how she has her own style and does her own thing.

3. Making paper - and I LOVE this set of indigo!

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Indigo Watercolor Floral Clipart

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - New in the shop.


I have been meaning to get some new clipart in the shop. I know that I already have some Indigo flowers but I wanted another. 😊Can there ever be too much Indigo? Apparently, I am not the only one who likes Indigo. This is a very popular set of digital papers in the shop.

What You Get

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink
There you go! You can see the listing HERE. I think it would be so pretty for wedding invitations or Mother's Day projects. Thanks for stopping by!

All The Best,