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Penguins Clipart and Thinking Like a Kid Again

Here is a cute set of penguin clipart. They are having fun playing in the snow!

Hello Friend,

I have really been enjoying working on Winter clipart. What I do is, sit down, think of cute animals, put them in fun situations, and begin to draw. Sometimes I just have to work on the general look of the animal and then once I get the look down, I can put it into play. I find myself back in childhood. What was it like to sled? What would it be like to be a polar bear who needs to warm up. So real right? Not! But that's what makes this job so darn fun!

The rascally, little penguins are my latest addition to the shop. Boy do I remember sledding and snow days! I also added some polar bears. They are kind of big, doofey things but so lovable.

Polar Bear clipart

So here's to childhood memories!

All The Best,

Eight Reasons to Shop Etsy This Season

Get your Christmas shopping done on Etsy. It offers convenience and unique items!

The 2017 Christmas shopping season has begun for many people. We are all busy and starting early gives us time to make decisions and buy what we want at the best price. As a daughter of small business owners, and a small business owner myself, I have found that I am passionate about supporting all of my Etsy business friends.

That is my motive for this article. I truly believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and starting your own "thing" to make a living. Every owner has their reason and I know for sure that it is very personal. I don't get any kickbacks for articles I write for Etsy shop owners. I do this because I believe in supporting like-minded people who work hard for a living.

So why shop at Etsy? Here are eight reasons to shop Etsy, although I am sure there are many more. Feel free to add your comments. I hope you will make your way there and look around.

1. Unique items - Each owner has a passion. Maybe it is clean-burning candles, or one-of-a-kind toys, or beard care, etc... The ideas are endless and I am sure that there is something for everyone at Etsy. Within each niche, owners have found ways to create their product different from others. Do you like jewelry? Each jeweler is different and has a different way of making and presenting their product. You can pick what works for you. I am sure that there is something for Aunt Matilda in there!

2. Support small business - I said before that each owner has a passion. They took a calculated risk in starting their business and they put their all into it. When you purchase an item, you positively impact a real person with a real family with real needs. Each and every dollar counts to them. According to The Balance, small business accounts for "65% of all new jobs and without them, the economy will not grow."

3. Customer service - I am sure there are exceptions, but because ever dollar counts and their business is personal, most owners will provide exceptional customer service. If you have a problem, you can contact the owner via a "contact" button on their page. Response times will vary but you have direct access for any type of questions you may have.

4. Sales and promotions - Etsy makes it easy for owners to provide their customers with sales and discount codes. If you find you like a shop, just favorite it by clicking the heart icon and you can keep up-to-date with their sales and offers. Most shops take advantage of this. I frequently look at my updates to see what's new and on sale.

5. Convenience - Shopping from home is so darn easy. I am a big fan of it myself. I believe that their checkout requires very few clicks and is quite simple. Many shops, like mine (shameless plug) offer instant downloads. The files are available as soon as the transaction is confirmed. This usually only takes a few seconds to about a minute.

8 Reasons to shop Etsy - Find your unique gift

6. Reviews - I love this feature. People leave honest reviews of their experience so you get a feel for quality and service that the owner provides. So even if you are sitting at your computer and don't know anything about this shop, you get a feel of whether or not you want to proceed.

7. Gift cards available - Gift cards are probably the most convenient gift for some. Some people are just hard to please. That's okay. They make a gift card purchase really easy.

This Christmas season, shop Etsy and find unique items.

8. Gift guide - Etsy also offers an amazing gift guide. They break it down into different categories.

Gifts under $30
Gifts for her/him
Crowd favorites

Get my drift? They gotcha' covered. :)

So there it is! My eight great reasons to shop at Etsy. What have I missed? Why do you shop there? I hope that I have inspired you to give Etsy a try if you haven't already. Go find something unique this year.


New Clipart + Clipart Sale

Fourth Ave Pen & Ink - Save on clipart all November. Here is a peek at what is new.

Hello Friend,

I have a sale for you that lasts all through November. I enjoying drawing and I would say that I have a quirky, doodley style. I am not a stuffy person and it comes through in my illustrations. I hope that you can find something in my shop that will help with your creative project. All of my clipart is 300 ppi and many of the elements are about 4 to 6" wide and the length varies.

Here is a look at what's new:

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Christmas clipart. You can use these clips to design your own card or invitation.
Every year I bake cookies and as a family we decorate so this is one of the first Christmas themes I thought of drawing.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Hot chocolate clipart that you can use for your invitations and scrapbook memories.

We used to have a hot chocolate party every year close to Christmas. I thought it would be a fun subject to illustrate. This set comes with a digital paper with sprinkles on it!

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Retro Christmas ornament clipart
I love the old fashioned, ornate Christmas balls of yesteryear. They are so full of color and charm. I think this is my favorite set of clipart. This set also include coordinating digital paper.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Snow bunnies clipart.
These little snow bunnies are having lots of fun in the woods. I made up a quick sample printable.

Every is already discounted so you don't need to worry about any codes. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Around Here

Thoughts for the weekend

Hello Friend,

And hello, Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. I have traveled for the last two weekends. Both were good trips but I am so ready to be at home and have some down time. I hope that you have some breathing room in your weekend as well. As for me. I need to get a good book and read. How do you unwind?

This is what I did last weekend...

My little nephew got married and I was the photographer. Oh my. I am so rusty and I was really nervous but I think they will be happy. Not that you really care, but I had an allergic reaction to the shrimp I was eating while I was there. What are the odds? I've had it so many times before with no problems and BAM! Allergies!  Grrr.

New in the shop...

New in the shop! Distressed gold foil papers!

I am a really simple girl but I still love gold foil. :) I did some other papers in pink, mint and navy and I love them!

That's it. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.


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Black Watercolor Clipart - Banners, splatters, arrows and more!

Hello Friend,

I haven't posted on the blog lately. Partly because I am too busy. But I find it hard to talk about digital paper and clipart in light of the current headlines. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and social injustice. In the midst of all the world's trials, I have been making a lot of clipart. The black set above is a quick and easy way to add some extra touches. Just click on the picture below for more info.

Black watercolor clipart - Banners, blobs, splatters and more!
Another addition to the shop is clipart shape sets. Circles and hexagons are my main shapes. What a fun way to add interest to a photo page or project. 

Good Stuff

Look at the neat shop I found on Etsy! Its called MMMCrafts. I love to feature other sellers who have amazing products and great ideas. I adore these DIY ornaments and hope to get one soon. Please know that the owner of the shop did not ask me to do this, nor am I receiving any compensation for the promo. When I find great items I like to share the good news. Oh. My. Word. Christmas is coming! Seriously, her Christmas ornaments are amazing. Click on the picture to find more at her shop.

Do you need some good news? Leave it to a bunch of kitties to change a train ride.

Could you use a good read? This is a gem. The is a kid's fiction book, however the characters and the plot will keep the pages turning.

That's it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


New Products

Watercolor Smudges - Fourth Ave. Pen and Ink

Hello Friend,

I hope  you are well. I almost have a little pang of guilt as I write this. So many people are suffering huge losses after two major hurricanes and wildfires in our country. Here I am making papers. Gosh. I just feel so thankful for home, safety, friends, and family. The list goes on. If you are currently suffering from the events, or if you know someone who is, here is a big hug.

In my neck of the woods, the weather has been delightful. Mid-70's, sun, and low humidity. Ahhh, it's been wonderful. So I am spending my days catching up on a lot of stuff and I having been busy making papers.

What's new? Well, I made some large, bright smudges for starters (first picture.) They come in handy for so many things.

Black and white digital paper, Minimalist

Black and white are by far the most popular items in my shop. So...I made more. I used lots of little brush marks and doodles. Again, black and white are so useful. They are my favorite way to add layers to art journals or collages.

Fourth Ave. Pen and Ink, Denim fabric and boho designs

Next up is denim. I love jeans. They go with anything and you can dress them up or down. Same goes with paper, I think. I added a jeans texture to the colors, then applied some pattern for mixing and matching. This is one of my favorite sets.

I am not a glamour girl but I do love gold. I especially love to see gold paired with pink and mint.

I am also working on Christmas papers but I am quite sure that you are not interested in those yet!

Reminder - Fall papers are on sale through September 15th so grab them while you can.

All The Best,

Fall Paper Craft Round Up

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - I have compiled some pretty Fall crafts for you. Paper is easy to find, use and work with.

Hello Friend!

It's coming soon! Fall, that is! It is my favorite season of the year. The cool, crisp air is so refreshing after a long, hot summer. I love to see the leaves change and porch decorations go up. The pumpkins, mums and corn stalks add a natural, cozy feel. Even crafting changes. The colors and shapes take on a whole new vibe. Since I love paper so much I have gathered a few, cool crafts for you.



The House That Lars Built (Tea-stained garland shown above)

Lia Griffith - 7 Ways to Use Paper Leaf Garland For Fall Decor 

Martha Stewart Living - Pumpkin Pie Garland

Pink Stripey Socks - Accordion Fold Fall Leaf Banner


Celebrate Creativity - Book Art Pumpkins

Domestically Blissful - Paper Roll Pumpkins

Lia Griffith - Paper Pumpkins (above)


Leaves, Nuts, and Flowers

Polkadot Chair - Different ways to make and use leaves (above)

Ribbons & Glue - Fall Acorn Boxes

Southern Living - Fall Bag Luminaries

A Delightsome Life - Book Page Leaves

I hope that you found at least one project that caught your eye. I love the book page leaves and may choose one of the crafts to do this Fall. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

All The Best,


Free Watercolor Digital Paper

Free Watercolor Digital Paper

Hi Friend,

Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate!

Are you ready for a freebie? I have some bright, fun colors for you. The designs are casual and doodly - my favorite! You can access the download HERE. I just ask that you look over my terms of use in the footer. The papers are for personal use only.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Free watercolor digital paper

Happy paper crafting! If you like this freebie you want to check out some others HERE. Also, please join me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.


Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Free watercolor digital paper

Etsy Shops I Adore

Hello Friend,

I have a special post for you today. Ever since I have become an Etsy seller, I am more aware of other small business owners and Etsy sellers. I know how hard they work and how special their product is to them. As we approach the shopping season I was thinking of some of my favorite shops. I have shops that I adore. They are shops that have so many neat goodies that I can hardly make a decision what to buy. So I thought I'd pull a list together of the shops I adore. I hope that you do too!

Tamar Nahir Yanai

It was love at first site when I found this shop. I absolutely adore her illustrations and products. I purchased the "Enjoy Life" kit and took up embroidery. I haven't done this since I was a child. It is definitely a good way to wind down and I can't wait to hang my finished piece. A lot of her illustrations contain flowers (a favorite) and young girls (another favorite.) You will just have to look and try to nail down your favorite. I took me forever to find mine.

Pink Paper Peppermints

I discovered this shop shortly after taking up art journaling. I love her feminine colors and faith-based products. She is super creative and designed these amazing papers for a traveler's notebook. I purchased them and bound them to use as a travel journal. I just love it and so many other products that she offers. I would describe them and vintage-feminine. If you love to journal and create with layers, she's got you covered. Again, I had a hard time deciding what to buy.

Tailored Soap

I saw a feature on this shop and immediately went ga-ga for all of the creative soaps they make. Galaxy soap bars, bath truffles and body butter, to name a few. What really stood out to me was the Unicorn soap. This just looks like the ultimate gift for girls of all ages - including mine. :) I know at least one girl that will get this for Christmas. I haven't purchased from this shop yet, but I will have a hard time narrowing down my picks.

Grow Creative

I first stumbled upon Grow Creative blog when I was looking up watercolor tutorials. I immediately began looking at all of her blog posts and checked out her shop. I love her soft use of watercolors. I love how she blends colors to create a certain feel for each picture. While I love the cow, featured above, I also love to look through her other pieces that are mostly natural things - flowers, berries, cute animals. By the way, if you would like to try your hand at watercolor, she has some how-to's on her blog.

Leaf, Seed, Berry

Leaf, Seed, Berry

I love natural skin care products. I have always been prone to eczema so I am very careful what I use. I came across this shop looking for some high-quality skin care products. A lot of things impress me about this shop. First, quality ingredients are used. Second, they offer samples. I really appreciate the ability to try something before I spend money for a full size product. I have to say that I did try the Perfect 10 Anti-Aging Serum and really liked it. When my moisturizer runs out, this is where I am going.

Get Well Plan

Get Well Plan

We all need some level of organization in our lives. Get Well Plan planners center mostly around health and wellness, however I purchased this weekly planner to chart my weekly business goals and it is perfect. Everything I need is right next to me on a clip board. I am accomplishing more in a day than I was previously and I am happy for that. Maybe you want to focus on mindfulness, track your diet, or chart your blood sugar levels. Her layouts are clean and beautiful.

Little Emma's Flowers

Little Emma's Flowers

If you know me at all, even from just my blog, you know that I love flowers. Little Emma's Flowers' printables are right up my ally. They are bright, flowery and cheerful. I love instant downloads because you can have your product right away. They are displayed so beautifully and she has a wide variety of topics.

Weavings By Jessica

Two summers ago, I found a small weaving craft for my daughter. Ever since then, I have been in love with these beauties. I love the textures and colors. There are so many ways to make a hanging, but I love this shop. I really like the thick, chunky yarns that have a creative little twist or cut to them. I also believe they would look good with so many different decors. Again, how to choose...

That's my list! Do you have a favorite shop? I'd love to hear about it. There are so many "gold nuggets" out there. What's yours? Maybe I will do another round up some day. After all, Christmas is coming and we all need ideas!


PS. I am not an Etsy affiliate. I blog for two reasons. First, I want to develop a relationship with my customers. Second, I have been blogging for almost 7 years. I have had food blogs and a photography blog. I just love to blog and I like to connect with others and share information. So I don't make a dime from sharing this information. I truly love these shops and I wish my fellow Etsy sellers all the best in their endeavors. 😊

Please join me on Facebook for updates and product news.

Anniversary Sale on Fall Digital Paper

Hello Friend,

Guess what? I have been in business for one year! I am so thrilled and so thankful to be able to do what I do. I love making papers and clipart. To celebrate and say, "Thank you" I want to offer 25% on all Fall/Autumn digital papers in my store! Please know that I value you as a customer. I really appreciate your business and your five-star reviews.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Fall Paper Pack

I worked up a few quick samples with some of my Fall papers. I used Picmonkey to make the sample above. I just digitally cut papers and used the overlay tool to make my design. I must admit that I tend to like more simplistic layouts. And the sample below shows a very simple box layout. I love the look of the watercolor papers. They have a satin quality to them.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Fall Digital Paper

I used Picmonkey for the following sample too. I used the same set of papers as above, only the splatter clip is not included in the paper pack. I just love splatters and added it.

What's on Sale

For the first sample I used Fall Colors and Patterns. For the following two, I used Autumn Patterns. Here are some of the other Fall lovelies. Just click on the picture to see more details. The sale runs from September 1st through the 15th.

Fall Digital Paper Pack - 25% off

Fall Watercolor Digital Paper - 25% off

Red and White Watercolor Digital Paper 25% off

Blue and White Watercolor Digital Paper - 25% off

Once again - Thank you!


Fourth Ave Pen & Ink - Fall Digital Paper on Sale in Sept. - Save 25% on all Fall-themed paper