Free Printable - Philippians 4:13

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - free printable

Hello Friend,

I am bringing you a free printable today. I whipped this up as a sample for my indigo digital paper set. I like this verse and I like that is on the dark blue watercolor wash. It reminds me of deep ocean water - the place where we can drown, but the Lord keeps us safe. When we are out on the deep waters and the storm comes, there is only One who can give us strength to continue and do the impossible.

Over and over again He has given me the strength to overcome.

DOWNLOAD your 8 x 10 and enjoy. Please refer to my terms of use in the footer of my blog. You may want to take this to a copy shop to print - all that dark blue. 😏


Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink, Free printable

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