Art Journal Cover Tutorial

Art journal cover inspiration. This is how I made my cover with scrapbook paper

Hello Friend.

I have been itching to use some new paper that I made so I decided that my art journal cover would be a great place to start. I decided on a messy look which is so "not me" but I want to bust outa' my shell a little and try new things. Let's dive right in.


Strathmore Mixed Media notebook
Dry ink pads
Mod Podge - Matte
Sponge brush
Papertowel - to protect my desk
Varying papers - I used paper from my Trendy collection and Inkified
Printed typography - quote and title
Gel pens - are for use inside the journal

(*Please note that while I am not an affiliate for a company, I am referring you to my shop for paper. Of course, you could use any paper that you love!)


I chose coordinating colors of pink, ballet slipper pink, lime green, white and black.

Turn your journal over and look for the opening in the wire. Gently open the wire and remove the back cover. Then remove the front cover. Set your paper aside for now.

I painted the wire-edges since the yellow did not match my theme. I was choosing to be messy and imperfect so I used some pink tempura paint that I had on hand. I only used two layers of paint. Let it dry.


This is the fun part! I ripped paper and laid it out in a design that I liked.

Once the layout was final I used the dry ink to add a messy layer of color. I used pink and purple. I "dotted" and "smeared" the ink while holding the paper in place.

Next, apply an even coating of Mod Podge to your cover and place and smooth your bottom later of paper. It is important to let each layer to dry completely before going to the next.

As you continue, apply the Mod Podge to the back of the paper and smooth on.

When your last piece is on and everything is dry, apply a medium-thick over over the entire front page and allow to dry.

You will most likely have a very bent-up cover, so once it is dry you can place it under something heavy for a few hours to flatten it out.

Now it is time to slide put the front and back cover on. Start with the front cover first then move to the back. If you need to, you can squeeze the wires together to make them a little tighter.

Thats it! I am happy with it with the exception of the paint I used for under the wire. I wish that I had chosen an acrylic pink that matched better.... 😕

There is a lot more that you can do with layering but I know that I will knock off or squish anything that is 3-D. 😉

If you have a favorite way to make your covers, I would love to hear it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a great weekend.



Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Layer paper to make an art journal cover

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