10 Art Journal Prompts to Help You Break A Page

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here are some prompts to help you get started

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Are you thinking of starting a journal? I think the most daunting part of journaling is what to do with that blank page. There are so many options it is hard to decide which way to go. Or maybe you are just getting started and don't have many supplies. That's okay. The how-to videos are awesome but can be overwhelming if you don't have all the tools that they are using.

Keep it simple. Use what you have and just start. Try a sharpie pen, your child's paints, you can download my free paper HERE for some paper, and a small bottle of Mod Podge or gel medium. You can build your supplies from there. Here are some other ideas of items you may have around the house.

Pages from old books
Magazine pages
Fabric scraps
Colored pencils
Coloring Pages

Here are some prompts to help you break that page
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About the 10 Prompts

1. Try to use all geometric shapes on your page. Here is an example of a page I used with cut up triangles, rectangles and circles. The petals on the flower are the same shape as a design on the paper.

2. Pick a favorite color and only use that color in your piece. Think of different textures here. Use paper, fabric, paint, etc... to use that one color.

3. Compliment colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel. 

4. Use a coloring page. Use part of an adult coloring page or any black and white drawing. It can be colored or not, but make it part of your design. 

5. Use your own lettering. This is a hard one for me. Don't worry about perfection. Put your personality into a word or phrase. Use pen, paint, ink - whatever.

6. Use only paper. Look for paper around the house. Envelopes, scraps, scrapbook paper and magazines.

7. No paint. I always incorporate paint onto my page so not using it will be a challenge. I haven't done this yet.

8. Get a mirror or use your memory. Don't worry about the details. Capture the essence of you. Sometimes you can focus on one feature such a eyes or hair.

9. This can be from a magazine or one printed off of your computer. It can be anything - tree, chair, pet...

10. Use fabric from around your house if possible. It can be ribbon, thread or even yarn. 

So there you have it. Hopefully, having a focus will get your brain moving and help you to put something on a page. Honestly, there are times when I love what I make and sometimes I don't like it at all. The great thing about a journal is that you can start over or just learn from what you don't like. No one will see it anyway!

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