Art Journal Ideas - Faith

Here is a list of words and phrases to spark your art journaling

Hello Friend,

I have been journaling here and there and enjoying it. I don't have nearly all the supplies that a lot of mixed media artist have but I feel that it is important to just do art and enjoy what I have. Currently, I am using my papers, Mod Podge, watercolor, acrylics, 1 stencil, spray stain, microns, texture paste, and dry stamps. I am hoping to get some gelatos soon and really add some messy color. In the meantime, I came up with a list of words regarding the Christian faith that may help you when you sit down to an empty page. Enjoy!

1. He Lives
2. Redeemer
3. Faith
4. Pilgrimage
5. She inspired me
6. Light of mine
7. Rebirth
8. New life
9. Put to death
10. Sin no more
11. Put away _____
12. Put on righteousness
13. Cleansing water
14. Holy Spirit
15. Father, Son, Holy Spirit
16. Prayer changes ______
17. Faithful
18. The Word
19. He has taught me _____
20. He is teaching me _____
21. Heaven will be like _____
22. Lord, help me _____
23. Thank you, Lord
24. Forgiveness
25. Never failing
26. Unchanging
27. He heard my cry
28. For the Lord
29. I believe
30. I will share ______



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