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Hello Friend,

I can't believe it is August and the back-to-school season is almost upon us! I am a little late in getting this post out.

Around here:

Fourth Ave. Pen and Ink - Abstract digital paper and clipart set - Fun, fresh colors and designs

1. I am busy finishing up Summer papers for the shop. The latest set is called Citrus Abstracts and I used it to make the digital scrapbook page above. I included some clips in the set so that you can embellish your pictures.

2. I finally painted the big canvas. Well, that was way more challenging than I thought. It will end up in the stairway and I will definitely work smaller for a long time.

3. I purchased a Traveler's Notebook from Pink Paper Peppermints. I absolutely adore her work! I am having fun setting it up my own way. I ended up making my own cover from mixed media paper and adding in some of my own papers for layering and embellishment. I can't wait to journal with this during vacation.

PS. I found some awesome free printable for my journal at Shanna Noel. Thank you! I will share more on this project later.

4. I am enjoying the volunteer sunflowers that showed up in my garden. They provide some delightful color in an otherwise ugly-Mcgugly corner of my property and my neighbor's bees love them.

5. Did you know that creative geniuses fail well? Here are some other attributes of creatives! They may sound familiar to you.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thank you so much Sarah! I'm a fan of your work too! I'm so glad you like your insert!

    ♥♥♥ Melissa

    1. I totally love it! :) Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.