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Thoughts for the weekend

Hello Friend,

And hello, Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. I have traveled for the last two weekends. Both were good trips but I am so ready to be at home and have some down time. I hope that you have some breathing room in your weekend as well. As for me. I need to get a good book and read. How do you unwind?

This is what I did last weekend...

My little nephew got married and I was the photographer. Oh my. I am so rusty and I was really nervous but I think they will be happy. Not that you really care, but I had an allergic reaction to the shrimp I was eating while I was there. What are the odds? I've had it so many times before with no problems and BAM! Allergies!  Grrr.

New in the shop...

New in the shop! Distressed gold foil papers!

I am a really simple girl but I still love gold foil. :) I did some other papers in pink, mint and navy and I love them!

That's it. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.


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  1. Hi Sarah! Traveling is great, but it is nice to spend time at home relaxing too. You are brave to commit to taking pictures at a wedding! I do love the image you shared, it is beautiful. Have a great week!