About Me

Fourth Ave. sits in a cozy suburban area of York, PA. It is a lovely neighborhood with large trees, pretty yards and friendly people and I wanted my blog and business to be a reflection of this.

I love blogging as a hobby and I love to share information and freebies. I do not make money off of adds or affiliate programs. So if you use clipart, digital papers, and/or color and art journal, you are at the right place. 😊


So, I don't like to talk about myself too much. I am your average wife and mom who: loves fonts, photography, drawing, painting and doing things DIY because I am super thrifty. I have to be. I have chronic Lyme disease and I have been fighting this dreadful monster for almost seven years now. Treatment is costly and it is very hard to hold down a job when you are not healthy. And so, my shop was birthed. 

I like to spend my days doing something so I stared drawing which morphed into painting and and lo-and-behold, my shop was born just to bring in even a small portion of income to help the family.


I really love to draw more than paint. I favor drawing on paper and my style is casual, realistic, simple and slightly quirky. 

Do you like freebies? Just go HERE for some free clipart arrows and circles. Extra bits and bobs are great for creative projects. You can find more freebies HERE. Not sure how to get started with all of this digital art, then start HERE.

I am so thankful that you stopped by. 

I would love to stay in touch with you: