About Me

Fourth Ave. sits in a cozy suburban area of York, PA. It is a lovely neighborhood with large trees, pretty yards and friendly people and I wanted my blog and business to be a reflection of this.

This blog is for you. I love blogging as a hobby and I love to share information and freebies. I do not make money off of adds or affiliate programs. So if you use clipart, digital papers, and/or color and art journal, you are at the right place.


So, I don't like to talk about myself too much. I am your average wife and mom who: loves fonts, photography, drawing, painting and doing things DIY because I am super thrifty. I have to be. I have chronic Lyme disease and I have been fighting this dreadful monster for almost seven years now. Treatment is costly and it is very hard to hold down a job when you are not healthy. And so, my shop was birthed. 

I like to spend my days doing something so I stared drawing which morphed into painting and and lo-and-behold, my shop was born just to bring in even a small portion of income to help the family.


I think my style is classy and casual, and at times, a bit quirky. My work is not totally abstract nor is it totally realistic. I like the impression of a perfect flower more than I like a perfect flower. It is all a matter taste I guess. I use watercolor for my clipart and digital papers and lots of micron pens for my coloring pages. 

I am so thankful that you stopped by. 

I would love to stay in touch with you: