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Free Clipart - Summer Flowers

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here is a freebie for you!


I have a free goody for you! Here are some Summer flowers. Have fun making your own printables or embellishing your photos.

My scrapbooking is very simple compared to most people. I like to use the overlay tool in PicMonkey and keep layouts very simple. This is a back-to-school-photo. I used one of my papers from Summer Pattern Pack for the background.

Here's what's included:


These are contained in 3 ZIP files. Simply download and unzip. I ask that you follow my terms that are listed in my blog footer.


I am so thankful for your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my shop and visiting the blog. I really appreciate you and I hope you enjoy this!

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - FREE clipart - Summer Flowers - 18 elements and 4 bouquets

Save 25% on Digital Paper and Clipart

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Summer Sale - Save 25%

Hello! Stop in and save from July 21st to August 4th. There's lots of new products and more to come. I am working on goodies for Fall. VISIT THE SHOP.

Around Here

Hello Friend,

And welcome to 4th Ave. This is what's happening around here.

1. Major thunderstorms! Which made for pretty, wet, dripping flowers and pretty light.

There is something special about the light after it rains.

All drippy, wet.

2. Here's a peek at my daughter's art journal. I love how she has her own style and does her own thing.

3. Making paper - and I LOVE this set of indigo!

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Indigo Watercolor Floral Clipart

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - New in the shop.


I have been meaning to get some new clipart in the shop. I know that I already have some Indigo flowers but I wanted another. 😊Can there ever be too much Indigo? Apparently, I am not the only one who likes Indigo. This is a very popular set of digital papers in the shop.

What You Get

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink
There you go! You can see the listing HERE. I think it would be so pretty for wedding invitations or Mother's Day projects. Thanks for stopping by!

All The Best,

Around Here

Hello Friend,

There has been a lot going on here. We are in the sticky, hot, dog days of Summer.

1. I am so glad to hear my daughter and her friends playing outside even though its hot. I remember playing survival and loving it. Its neat to relive the experience a bit through my daughter's eyes.

2. Chair - This is a hand-me-down chair that didn't really fit our house. I decided to paint is white and doodle flowers on it.

3. Canvas - More on this later...

4. Reading The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart.

5. Thankful for: Good friends, the sound of crickets in the evening, clean water, air conditioning, a full refrigerator and tree swings.

All The Best,

Freebie- Art Journal Words

Hello Friend,

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. Proverbs 18:21

Words have power, eh? I have a few here that may help spark you art journaling. They are not deep words, but even a simple words can spark so much meaning and lots of creativity.

Take joy, for instance. When I thought of joy, so many things flooded my head. I Enjoyed the freedom to list them and not make an essay out of them. I enjoyed making the marks on this page as well. I painted over my word and it didn't show though really strong so I went over the top and added in some white lines.

Feel free to download these. Simply cut and tear the words apart and use them in your journal as you wish. 

All The Best,

PS. You can find other freebies HERE.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Feel free to download and print these to use in your journaling.

Around Here

Hello Friend,

This has been a good week. Aside from feeling a bit better physically...

1. I read an awesome book. It is called Wildwood by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis. If you are a fan of Narnia, this might be a read for you. I loved the adventure of being drawn into another world full of mystery and adventure. This was easy and fast reading. I'm looking forward to my next book. I have no idea what it will be.

2. My daughter took a clay camp downtown. It was fun to go into the city. Each day I enjoyed hearing about what she made and I can't wait to see the finished work in 6 weeks!

3. I got a new art journal. I wanted a 2-page layout and I love it. I got a Strathmore 500 Series Journal and I really, really like it. I feel like I can do so much more with 2 pages. I also had some left-over tax money and invested in acrylic paint and a few mixed media brushes. I am slowing adding supplies and I bet I don't have 1/100th of what some people have but that won't stop me. 😊

4. I acquired a very large canvas during my shopping spree mentioned above. I am contemplating doing my own abstract painting for above our fireplace in our living room. I haven't gotten the nerve the do this but I can't wait. I like the style of the painting above. (Source) I can only imagine the conversation that this will stir up when people visit the house.

5. I listed some new paper in the shop for art journaling. They are cards that are 4.25" x 5.5". You can print them on paper or card stock. Check them out HERE. I also made a few available for free. I used one of the papers in the entry above. You can check them out HERE and download for free for personal use.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


New in the Shop

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Hello Friend,

It has been a while since I've done a shop update. I've been going crazy with watercolors. They are so much fun to work with. At times, I have very unpredictable results. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I made some pink papers below and the result was "grungier" than I expected but I really like it. It won't be for everyone but I think it would look awesome with black and white patterned paper.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Here are some more. Just click HERE to go to the shop.

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink

That's just a few! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a great day!


Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - New papers are in the shop!

An Easy Art Journal Prompt + Free Art Journal Cards

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - I like to use a word from a dictionary page to spark my creation

Hello Friend,

I found a new way to start a journal page. Mind you, other people have probably been on to this a long time ago but this really sparked something in me. I finally located an old book to use for my journals - an old dictionary. Thanks to the Internet, I no longer use this monster and the pages are nice and thin.

Find a Word on Your Dictionary Page

As I was laying my paper out and deciding how to place the pieces, I looked at words on the page. I thought it would be fun to choose a word and use it in a sentence or write about it. I chose the word, "prefer."

I discovered that the words on the page gave me some direction because I am not an overly wordy person. I am not someone who can just write. Secondly, it gave my page a focal point. Even though the word is small, I used it as the focal point and my design flowed from there. 

So this may be old news for some, but I found it to be so helpful and I will be doing this a lot more in the future. 

My Supplies

1. My own paper. One of the papers comes from some free art journal cards that you can download at the bottom of the post.

2. Page from the dictionary

3. Watercolor paints

4. Acrylic paint

5. Mod Podge

6. Leftover watercolor paper scraps (make the round flower)

7. Brad - used to hole the flower together

8. Micron pen

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Here are some free AJ cards for you

Your cards are 4.25" x 5.5". Feel free to download these guys and use them in your personal work.

I hope you have a wonderful day!