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Hello Friend,

Sometimes I find it very easy to put something in my journal and sometimes I don't. There seems to be a cycle of creativity where I have so many thoughts and ideas it is hard to keep up. Sometimes...nothin'. So I made a list for myself and I thought I'd share it. Even if you only find a few things on here that spark something - then awesome! My goal was to chose words on the positive spectrum. We aren't always happy and I think it is quite okay to journal negative thoughts too. Today, I was in the mood for:

1. Beauty
2. Light
3. Dance
4. Butterfly
5. Freedom
6. Joy
7. Being Mom
8. What makes me smile
9. Serene
10. Favorite Bible verse
11. Favorite song
12. Favorite flower
13. Favorite color
14. What brings peace
15. Soft
16. Spring
17. Summer
18. List of something
19. How to
20. Poem
21. Flower petal
22. Leaves
23. My house
24. My pet
25. My wish

Does any one of these pop out at you? If so, why? Happy journaling. 😊

Also, I have some free digital papers HERE.



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