Art Journal Update 1

Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink - Art Journal Entry

Hello Friend,

I hope that you are well. I am enjoying the sunshine here. My daughter has started her Summer vacation and is off to a good start. Yesterday, I enjoyed light breezes, mild temps, clean sheets and the sounds of my daughter and her friend catching fire flies!

Art Journal Entry 1

So I recently started an art journal. I shared my imperfect cover HERE. I wanted to be transparent about the entire process and not just show perfect pictures and entries. The truth is, I wouldn't have anything to show if I waited for perfection so here goes!

Art has really been a journey. Like most hobbies, it starts as one thing and develops into another. I started by drawing. That's it. I got drawing paper and started drawing to pass the time. Now I am enjoying using color and texture and different mediums to express myself. I have a feeling that most of this journal will express my faith.

I cannot tear up my Bible so I created this page so that I can print, cut, rip, etc... and use the text in my journal. I also used:

watercolor paint
texture medium and pallet knife
ink pen
messy paper found HERE
tape (to lift off Bible verses)
matte Mod Podge

I layered my design and sealed with a layer of Mod Podge. Overall, I really like it but I want to be able to pull things together more nicely. So I am wondering, do feel like you absolutely love every entry you do?

Thanks for stopping by!


Fourth Ave. Pen & Ink, Art Journal Inspiration

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