How to Use PicMonkey for a Scrapbook Page

Summer Fun Clipart and Digital Paper

Hello Friend,

I am so happy that it is Summer! My daughter has caught a salamander in the stream and has set up a habitat. The tree swing is in use, the fireflies are caught, and memories are being made. Along with art, photography is a hobby of mine. I love to capture moments and flowers and nature. My style is very simple, clean and easy.

I know that so many digital scrapbookers make very elaborate pages and that is great. I like things simple and if you are starting out or want to try digital scrapbooking, you may want to try using PicMonkey. It it is free and so easy to use. I'm going to show you how I set up the page below.

This is an easy way to set up a digital scrapbook layout

Set Up the Page

1. Go to the homepage

2. Click on "Collage."

3. Click on "Add Images" and bring two papers and one photo from your computer. I chose two gold pattern papers and one photo of my daughter.

4. Drop and drag your photos and papers.

5. When everything is as you wish, click on "Send to Editor" to edit your photo. When you are in the PicMonkey editor you can add overlays and text.

Overlay and Text

Next, I added the overlay to the center.

1. Click on the butterfly for the overlays. (see below)
2. If you like, you can add your own.

I chose "Geometric", then chose a square. I clicked on the square, and sized it to my liking in the center. I repeated this and made a smaller square on top.

I used the "dropper" tool to color my square the same color as my paper.

Next, it is time to add some text.

Click on the two T's to select your text. You can select from PicMonkey's many fonts or choose one of your own. 

When you are finished, click on "Export" to save your page.

I think that PicMonkey is a great tool for many types of photo editing. Even simple layouts have a big impact. I hope that this was helpful.


PS. Would you like some free digital paper? Check it out HERE.

If you are a beginner, PicMonkey makes it easy to set up a page

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