Why I started an Art Journal and Love it

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Hello Friend,

Do you have an art journal? I must admit that I am very new to this craft. I am very comfortable with photography. I love to create digital papers and the entire process that goes with it. But I never had an art journal.

The reason I never started one was fear of failure. What an abysmal reason to not try something. But, I got a grip and forged ahead with only some simple supplies.

There are two reasons I decided to give it a go. Number one is that I have to market my digital paper and discovered there is a whole new way of using paper beyond digital scrapbooking. I stumbled upon art journaling and mixed media as a way to incorporate paper into art. Whoa! There are so many creative ways to use it, that I had to give it a try.

The second reason relates to my fear of failure, or perfectionism. I shutter at the idea of having a journal and flipping through the pages and not having work that looks like other people's work. Can you relate to the comparison trap?

But I knew that I had to get over that fear and make mistakes in order to learn and develop my own style. I purchased a mixed media journal and started with the basic supplies that I already had. I don't believe in going into debt and I am not going to compare myself to others.

So I started and made mistakes. I have ugly pages that no one will see. But I did learn. In the learning process I am slowly starting to see two styles emerging. I think that giving yourself permission to mess up is a good thing and I highly recommend it. Aside from developing your own unique style;

  • I can express thoughts and emotions freely
  • it is relaxing
  • I am learning to use new mediums and products
  • I have discovered many other amazing artists
  • I really do like using my own papers

If you are considering starting a journal I would highly encourage you to do so. There are so many amazing artists to teach and help you along the way. I am almost finished with this journal, and plan to invest in something a little nicer next time.

Here's to letting go of perfection and finding your style!


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